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深圳市利凯泰科技有限公司是一家致力于电子制造业的高科技产品服务公司,为企业提供围绕表面贴装工艺过程中的配套辅助生产设备、检测仪器、电子胶粘剂、生产辅材等。 秉承“精致服务 创造价值”,利凯泰科技不断自我完善,结合来自国内外众多技术和销售的专业专才,配合原厂技术的全力支持而形成现阶段完善的服务网络体系,提供优质服务,为生产企业创造更多价值。


Company Profile

LICtech technology is a company committed to the electronic manufacturing industry of high-tech products Service Corporation, For the enterprise to provide around the surface mount process in the auxiliary production equipment, testing instruments, electronic adhesives, production auxiliary equipment etc.. Adhering to the "fine service to create value", LICtech technology continuous self-improvement, combining from the domestic and foreign many technical and sales expertise in professional, With the full support of the original plant technology to form a perfect service network system, to provide quality services, to create more value for the production of enterprises.



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